“Petra Nella has been my soul coach in a difficult period of losing both faith in myself and the world around me. She has been a sudden remote but bright star in a rough sea as she introduced to the soulcoaching program. Somewhat reluctant at first I agreed to “give it a try”. Yet only after a few days of following her program, realizing that I she showed me a solid set of simple means for life. As I went to rediscover forgotten roots, hidden knowledge and internal powers. These by nature given means should have been a guide in my life all along. Preventing me to mess up things and people around me as I did. These natural tools will give me renewed strength and knowledge to face or avoid all difficult situations that may occur in my life to come. More important these powers will also help my soul to live in harmony with nature. With all my heart I thank nature for putting Petra on my path, her guidance in rediscovering and using all the powers of my soul.

Charley Smink, age 49, senior management government official, living in The Netherlands


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Petra for almost 5 years now. About a year ago I found myself in a very dark emotional state of being. I suffered from constant bouts of depression and high levels of anxiety. I tried various medications as well as therapists to overcome my symptoms. They all proved to be temporary solutions to the problem, it wasn’t until I was introduced to Soul Coaching that I was able to address my issues, connect with people, my environment and as a result lead a much happier life. The process of Soul Coaching took me through daily practices and activities that allowed me to see positive mental and physical results whereas therapy sessions left me feeling unresolved and medications made me feeling sleepy and not in the present. I especially liked the ease and straightforwardness of the program. To this day I am grateful for Petra’s help and I consider her a dear friend and mentor with an amazing ability to connect with people. I use practices from my experience with Soul Coaching as part of my daily routines”

Stanley Ocitti, 32 yrs old, Professional Basketball Player


“I have been working with Petra Nella and Emotion Freedom Technique for the last several months and have found her to be very helpful in many ways. This is my first experience with EFT. I have been very satisfied with the results of our work together. I have found Petra to be very attentive and aware. I’ve grown to trust fully her intuitive nature. Her instincts have been spot on. I am involved with a number of different alternative modalities to regain my health, diagnosed with MS. Thanks to my work with Petra, EFT has become one of the tools that I use now. Since starting EFT I have had a remarkable shift in my personal understanding of my condition and have gained a great deal of insight and self awareness as to how to improve my life. I look forward to working with Petra in the future. Her willingness to share her talent is a special gift. I would highly recommend Petra to anyone looking for an EFT provider.”


David L. Eade, Whitingham VT